Designer - Sculptor - Technical Effects specialist

Recent credits include 'Harry Potter' films, 'Batman Begins and 'The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy’. 

Technical Effects is a specialized field in the film industry, which explores elements of costume and make-up and takes them into a third dimension.

Technical Effects covers three areas:

Special Effects Make-up is used to physically change actor's appearance. Materials most often used to achieve the transformation are foam latex and silicon prosthetics. Make-up Effects can vary from casualty, character, horror and fantasy make up designs.

Costume Effects explores possibilities of visually enhancing costume appearance by creating a construction that is worn by an actor under the clothes. Costume effects can be used for different purposes and be in the form of harnesses, muscle suits, fat suits etc.

Creature Effects or model making is used to create models that can be either animatronically operated, static or puppets. Models are designed to be as realistic as possible and can be for example babies, animals, corpses or fantasy creatures such as aliens.


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